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Rev. Dwight Benoit is a native of Beaumont, Texas and a product of his community.  His educational preparation began as a 1975 graduate of Charlton-Pollard High School.  He graduated from Lamar University of Beaumont, TX with a BAAS in Marketing and numerous theological studies completed from Southwest Theological Seminary of Dallas, TX.

On December 28, 1980, Rev. Benoit was licensed to preach the Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Rev. H. H. High of the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church of Beaumont, Texas.  He was ordained for Pastoral Ministry on October 8, 1983.  His pastoral experience includes Springhill Missionary Baptist Church of Woodville, TX from May 1984-February 1985;  St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church of China, TX from February 1985 to March 1995 and Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church of Beaumont, TX from April 1995 to present.

Pastor Benoit served as First Vice President of the Baptist Minister's Union of Beaumont and Vicinity from 1993 to 2004, and presently serves as Public Relations Chair.  He serves as Moderator of Trinity Valley Missionary Baptist District Association (Home and Foreign Missions).  Pastor Benoit has been a faithful member of the Association as a Youth Delegate and member of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church with late Pastor High as President of the Congress of Christian Education and the late Rev. Rayburn Newton as moderator.

Pastor Benoit served as Treasurer of B.M.&E. Congress of Christian Education of Texas from 1986-2010 serving three Presidents.  He presently serves as Chairman of the Foreign Mission Commission of B.M.&E. State Convention; served as liaison for the State of Texas to the Foreign Mission Board of the NBC, USA, Inc. from 1995-2005; served as Chair of the Adopt-A-School Home Mission Board 2002-2005.  Pastor Benoit served as Missionary to Africa from the St. Paul MBC and Magnolia MBC if Beaumont through NBC, USA, Inc. Foreign Mission Board in 1993, 1996-2000 (led then President of NBC Women's Auxiliary, Dr. Cynthia Ray, and 12 women to Africa), 2007-2010 he led a team of 7 pastors from Texas and Louisiana to Africa; after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Pastor Benoit went as a team member of the 5 National Black Conventions of the USA.; 2011-2012 having baptized hundreds of souls to Christ, he established Empowerment Programs to sustain life such as sewing, poultry/dairy farming, bread baking, agriculture, seed church building and entrepreneur programs.

Rev. Benoit wrote and published the 2007 Adopt-A-School Volunteer Coordinator's Manual and 7-Step Model Handbook adopted and approved by the Home Mission Board, NBC, USA. Inc.  Writer of "The Mission" quarterly of NBC, USA, Inc. Women's Auxiliary, The Pastor's Corner Jan-Mar 2005 and July-Sept 2005, July-Sept 2008 and one of three writers of the NBC, USA, Inc.  Congress of Christian Education Study Guide 2006/2007.

His areas of service include:  Moderator of Trinity Valley Missionary Baptist District Association (Home and Foreign Missions); Chairman of the Foreign Mission Commission of B.M. & E. State Convention; Field Worker of the Foreign Mission and Home Mission Boards of NBC, USA, Inc.  Rev. Benoit is a missionary to Africa since 1993 and has completed 21 missionary tours to Malawi where he is winning the lost to Christ, establishing empowerment programs and building churches for missions and ministries.

Pastor Benoit is a civic leader in many aspects.  He is a member of the Beaumont Police Advisory Board, BISD Clergy in School Program, Ecumenical Community Pastor participant, liaison to the Judicial Court while working to unify the community by removing walls of separation and progress together toward the future for the betterment of the Beaumont communities.  He currently serves on the Community Advisory Committee with the Beaumont Police Department and as a member of CAPP (Clergy and Police Partnership) with the Beaumont Police Department as well as Minnie Rogers Juvenile Probation Program .

Aside from his very active duties as a civic leader, full time Pastor and Counselor, he is also the proud husband of Gayla Benoit and loving father of Jordan and Lauren.