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Are you facing a challenge right now? If so, We are here for you. We are here to enfold you in loving, faith-filled prayer. You have our commitment to serve you with sensitivity, compassion, and complete confidentiality. You may submit a prayer request online now or contact us and we will pray with you.

Submit your prayer request below, and rest assured that your request is kept sacred and confidential. Every request sent to us receives loving, compassionate attention. Please know that we are here for you and that you are never alone.

GOD-Day, my Brother's and Sister's!

Your Prayers are fervent before GOD our FATHER! And we Thank each and everyone of you! Please receive my Pray petition on behalf of us All
... Eternal GOD our FATHER; YOU are the same yesterday, to day and forever more! We, YOUR children, are so grateful to find rest in The Shadow of YOUR Care! YOU are our ROCK, our FORTRESS, our SAVIOR; GOD our FATHER! YOU, LORD JESUS, are our Sufficient GRACE! YOU, Sweet HOLY SPIRIT, are our COMFORT, in the Sunshine, in the Storms, floods and rains! Our physical fears and doubts, want our attentions, while YOU do YOUR WILL and WORKS
... But FATHER, all our fears on yesterday, YOU made strong our Faiths in THEE; trials yesterday, YOU turned into Triumphs; through testing's on yesterday, YOU cause us to TRUST YOU more today! Even to day, through it all, we will Trust YOU. In our staying--we Trust YOU; in our Travels--we Trust YOU; in the devastation alright done--we Trust YOU... "For we know, YOU cause everything to work together for the good, of those who Love YOU, and are called according to YOUR purpose for us." We Love YOU FATHER; watching and waiting, for we know YOU are doing something beyond our imaginations! In JESUS NAME! In JESUS NAME! In JESUS NAME! Amen! Amen! And,
Amen! Your Moderator,
Pastor, Dwight Benoit  

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